Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Good Life

I spent this afternoon with my son and his family; drank a couple of beers, watched the Rangers put it on Boston, and enjoyed doing a bit of trotty-horse with our grandson.  He just turned one a few weeks ago and is such a joy. 

I am one lucky man; wonderful wife, three fabulous children, and two special grandsons.  All the rest is just details. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Goodby Summer?

It's officially the hottest summer on record here in this part of North Texas.  The mean temperature (and that's "mean" in both senses of the word) for June, July, and August was 90.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  But finally, it looks like relief is on the way.  The forecast high for Monday is 87 degrees with a low of 66.  We're ready for some of that!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Financial News?

I cancelled my subscription to the Wall Street Journal last month after 40 years.  Just couldn't seem to find any financial news in what used to be a very well written and informative newspaper.  These days you can read all sorts of stories on the lifestyles of the rich and famous, who's divorcing whom and how much it's costing, the most exclusive clubs in New York City, as well as editorials on why we should all be happy that Goldman Sachs made it through the financial crisis, which they sorta helped create, with only a little help from the Fed.  After all, what's a loan of a few hundred billion between friends?  Especially with the fine collateral they had to offer.      

I miss the Wall Street Journal.  Sadly it's been gone for four years...thanks for all you do, Mr. Murdock.  

Monday, August 29, 2011

What's that noise?

Apparently my whining about the hot weather was productive--awoke this morning to the sound of a good ole Texas Thunderstorm!  It wasn't in the forecast, so I'm pretty sure that my whining was the cause.  Because God like whiners in addition to the Dallas Cowboys. 

Speaking of signs from God, apparently He is sending a message to me via the comics.  Here's the weird thing; I don't even read the comics.  Work the crossword puzzle on the comics page, but that's it.  SWMBO reads 'em though, religiously.  Not "Judge Parker", of course.  I'm pretty sure no one reads "Judge Parker".  Just like no one ever read "Mary Worth" or "Mark Trail" or "Lucy".  But today, for an unexplainable reason, she read "Judge Parker".  And here's where it gets really weird;  one of the characters is thinking about buying a Motor Home!!!!  So there you have it--either God is sending me a message, or the RV Industry is so desperate to sell those gas guzzlers that they're resorting to product placement in "Judge Parker".

I can't come up with any rational reason to buy a Motor Home.  They're expensive to purchase and operate, awkward to drive and park, prone to breaking down, and pretty much relegate you to living in a Trailer Park.  And I find myself fascinated with the thought of touring the country in one.  Put it down to curiosity, perhaps.  Or a case of the dumb-ass.  Anyway, Terri and I are enjoying thinking about what the future holds, which may indeed include a Motor Home.  After all, if Judge Parker is getting one, they must be fabulous!    

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Unknown Tourist

I promise to explain the meaning of my blog name and photo in a future post.  But not today...too hot for deep thoughts and complicated explanations...but just the right temperature for whining. 
It's the 63rd day over 100 degrees here in North Texas, and to say we're all getting a little stir-crazy in these parts would be an understatement.  I've lived in this part of Texas all of my life, and for most months of the year it has much to offer; mild winters, friendly (for the most part) people, a low cost of living, and the comfort of familiarity.  But along about June of every year, I start dreaming of being "Somewhere Else".

I have to say that "Somewhere Else" is somewhat loosely defined, and primarily offers cool days, beautiful scenery, minimal traffic, and friendly people with time to visit and interesting stories to tell. More importantly, people who think my stories are interesting, or are at least are polite enough to act interested.  "She Who Must Be Obeyed" (also known by the acronym SWMBO, or her given name, Terri),  and I are looking at retirement in four years, and starting to make plans for the next phase of our lives.  We both enjoy motorcycling, travel, the outdoors (but not "roughing it"), photography (me), cooking (Terri), Tennis (me) and gardening (Terri).

Our plans are fluid, but at present we're thinking of buying a much smaller home with a much bigger garage; one which perhaps holds an RV to get the heck out of Dodge during the summer months.  Just thinking about heading to the Northwest makes me feel cooler.  That is until I notice the poor mockingbird at my bird-bath outside my study with his beak open in full pant mode.  Thank God for air-conditioning!